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The directorial debut for Darius West (in association with Black Lava Films and Ergon Entertainment, LLC) promises to deliver a groundbreaking documentary film that speaks to the culture, voice, and history of Christian Hip Hop (CHH). With appearances from artists like Chris Cooper (SFC), Stephen Wiley, Dynamic Twins, Gospel Gangstaz, Fred Lynch (P.I.D.), Pettidee, and Michael Peace to music executives Jimmy Kempner (Frontline Records) and Joseph Taylor (Broken Records), West is able to tap into the heart of the "grass roots movement" that began the early 1980's and still continues to thrive today.


MIC DROP is quickly becoming a film being recognized by its unique approach in delivering a compelling message relevant to today's generation by setting the stage for artists like Adrion Butler,

ShySpeaks and Street Hymns WHOM have utilized social media with a "grass roots" approach to CHH. 


Watch the trailer and find out what everyone in the music and film industry is talking about!

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