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MIC DROP is the first documentary to illustrate the origin story of Christian Hip Hop (CHH). It tells the story of the genre's evolution from emerging underground movement to youth-culture staple — making it essential viewing for fans and newcomers alike. With appearances from artists like Chris Cooper (SFC), Stephen Wiley, Dynamic Twins, Gospel Gangstaz, Fred Lynch (P.I.D.), Pettidee, and Michael Peace to music executives Jimmy Kempner (Frontline Records) and Joseph Taylor (Broken Records), this film is able to tap into the heart of the "grass roots movement" that began the early 1980's and still continues to thrive today.

In his directorial debut, Darius West bridges the generation gap between today's CHH artists and the legends who brought the genre into existence. Through this collaboration, MIC DROP reframes the narrative to include the originators of a movement that no one genuinely understood, until now. From its humble beginnings in the 1980s, CHH has spread to the mainstream culture and has impacted a wide range of listeners today.


“CHH is an genre born out of struggle,” says West, “it reflects the heart of our people, and it's driven by their creativity and passion to make something new. But in order to survive, CHH must continue evolving. And with this film I believe we've opened a new door for the genre.”


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